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The MASTER Ltd. company's basic activity includes the general overhauls, service and modernizations of, and trade with machine tools intended for tool shops.

The company is involved in the following activities:

  • Trade with new and used machine tools;
  • Overhauls, service, repairs, and maintenance of machine tools;
  • Surveys and expertise of machines;
  • Maintaining foreign trade in machinery and spare parts.

The performance of the above services is possible thanks to:

  • Specialized staff with 20 years of professional experience in rendering repair services;
  • Expertise and competence;
  • Contacts maintained by the company with machine tool manufacturers and a good knowledge of the sector;
  • The unique character of the service offer on the market;
  • Efficient use of the experience effect; and
  • Rich strategic assets of the company.

The many-year experience of the MASTER company, as well as the high quality level of services performed by it, have brought forth fruits in the form of continuous trade contacts being maintained with leading industry branches in Poland. The customers who avail themselves of our services include also companies from Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland and Canada.

We take pleasure in informing you that our company is an executor of the complex repairs and modernization of the following types of machine tools.

Grinding machines:

  • surface grinders by TOS and TRIPET;
  • cylindrical and internal grinders by TOS;
  • tool grinders by JUNGNER;
  • jig grinders by HAUSER, MIKROMAT, DECKEL.

Milling machines:

  • vertical and universal milling machines by HECKERT and TOS;
  • tool milling machines by DMG DECKEL-MAHO;

All repairs and modernization activities are performed by the MASTER company based on original spare parts. The scope of servicing activities is adapted to the Customer's requirements. In the case of a general overhaul, the prices will not exceed 30-40% of the value of a new machine. There is a possibility of taking over used, but not utilized, machine tools from you within financial settlement compensation.

We heartily invite you to using our services.

We look forward to the pleasure of doing business with you!

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MASTER S.C. | ul. Rząsawska 60/64 | 42-209 Częstochowa, Polska | tel.: +48 34 3621521/22 | fax: +48 34 3621523
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